Bad skin is something most of us deal with at some point in time. Some of us struggle with it more than others. The last couple of months I’ve noticed some frequent break-outs on my skin. I did what we all know you’re not supposed to do – I couldn’t keep my fingers away, which only made matters worse. Here are some of my tips for getting back a healthy and clean looking skin!

1. Remove makeup

This first tip is probably the most important and the one I’ve struggled with the most. Every woman knows that it’s not good for the skin to sleep with makeup on, yet we seem to forget that when we’re tired and just want to go to bed.

One thing that has helped me get rid of makeup is doing it right when I come home after a day out. The skin will have the rest of the day to relax and breathe, without clogged pores to fight against! I’ve also read somewhere that skin regenerates itself around 10 o’clock in the evening, so it’s best to clean the skin before that at least.
2. Use a clean face towel

Always use a clean towel when washing your face. Wipe gently. In order to avoid huge laundry trips buy some of those tiny little towels!

Bacteria will stay on the towel and be reapplied to the face if reused. This was a tip I got from a doctor.
3. Switch from foundation to BB Cream

I’ve noticed a big difference in how my skin looks and feels ever since I started using a BB Cream as opposed to a traditional foundation.

BB Creams are much lighter and feel like you have nothing on, yet you still get lots of coverage. You just look more natural and the skin feels healthier.
4. Use a serum

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen the results myself, but a serum can work wonders on bad skin. I got a sample of Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair skin serum and I saw a huge difference from the first use! It’s pretty pricey but the sample size actually goes a long way, so I have really had a chance to see a difference and will definitely be buying this product.

Ask for a sample at your nearest beauty store that sells their products and see if it has the same effect for you! I also give credit to Bliss’ ”No ‘Zit’ Sherlock’, which I have been using daily.

5. Don’t touch your skin

When I say ‘don’t touch your skin’, I’m not only talking about not touching the impurities. I’m talking about not touching the skin while you’re out shopping, at school, at work, on a date, out to dinner, at home… We have a lot of bacteria on our hands and we transport it right onto the skin. Even clean hands shouldn’t be touching the skin throughout the day.

Use blotting paper if you feel oily. And at least always have a hand-sanitizer in your handbag.
Your say…

So these are my tips that I’ve been working on getting better at and the more I think about them, the more I apply them. What are your tips for good skin? Share them with me and the rest of the readers in the comments below!