Actress Melissa Bolona Discusses Health On The Go In NYC

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. New Yorkers’ are known for their active lifestyles that juggle work, fitness, and lively social lives in an incredibly fast- paced environment. A seasoned New Yorker, actress and model Melissa Bolona travels between NYC and Los Angeles. Bolona is no stranger to an active lifestyle. Whether you are preparing to move to the Big Apple, or are already a local and want to get healthy without sacrificing your schedule, here are a few tips from Bolona on finding healthy NYC restaurants:

Know Your Location: Bolona has several favorite restaurants throughout New York City. If you are in Union Square, for instance, consider Beyond Sushi, a vegan restaurant with delicious and healthy rolls, which is great if you are trying the Paleo diet. In the age of smartphones, it will only take you a few minutes to locate a healthy option- and check out reviews- instead of opting for the first thing you see.

Eating healthy on a busy schedule may be tough, but Melissa Bolona, proves that it is certainly possible.

Go Local: When in doubt, Bolona recommends going for food that is locally sourced and seasonal. This will ensure that you are consuming fresh food with minimal additives and preservatives. For instance, one of Bolona’s absolute favorite eats, Mulberry and Vine, serves amazing fresh food that is in season. Mulberry and Vine is located in Tribeca, Flatiron, and Midtown East.


Enjoy Multiple Locations: Many healthy restaurants in New York City have multiple locations. For instance, CHLOE – a Vegan restaurant that serves great tasting food- is located in West Village, Flatiron and SoHo. If you happen upon a healthy restaurant that you love, snag a menu with location options. Some restaurants may also deliver- which makes for great, healthy, options for days when you are stuck at the office or are too tired to go out for dinner.

Eating healthy on a busy schedule may be tough, but Melissa Bolona, proves that it is certainly possible. For the next few films featuring Bolona, you can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.