Leighton Meester’s character Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is setting new trends every day. Her ladylike style is sophisticated, elegant, modern and sexy all at the same time and that’s what attracts us to her. Her style seems almost impossible to achieve unless you’re from the Upper East Side just like her and have a stylist 24/7. She is luxurious and absolutely perfect all the time.
From head to toe Blair Waldorf oozes of money, design and femininity and we would all love to look like her all day every day, but we do live in the real world, so we’ll just be inspired by her style, grace and elegance!
If you, like many others, are in awe of this fictional creature’s style, here is some inspiration.

Dresses in Style of Blair
Blair loves dresses and wears them a lot. A dress is the way to go, if you want to achieve a feminine and sexy look like Blair’s. Here are some choices in style of Blair:
Blair’s blue dress

Dresses: Red Dress, Cream & Gold Dress, Patterned Dress

Blair’s dresses are colorful, fitted, short and feminine. She wears sexy dresses, but always leaves something to the imagination. Her style is characterized by the amount of detail in the clothing items, which these dresses also posses.
Blouses in style of Blair
Here are some, that I’m sure she’d love to wear:
Blair’s Blouse

Blouses: White Blouse, Orange Blouse, Blue Blouse
Blair’s silky, beautiful blouses are very different. They’re far from boring and full of details. Ruffles, bows, prints, unusual collars, buttons, belts and so on make them very Blair! Choose soft and feminine materials like silk and chiffon to get the feminine look.
Blair wears cardigans a lot. Here are some in her style:

Cardigans: Black/White Cardigan, Gray Cardigan, Short Cardigan
Cardigans have always been very ladylike. They’re good if you need to be a bit warmer, hide your arms or cover up your cleavage a little. All in all, cardigans are a great way to either dress up or dress down an outfit. If you’re going for Blair’s ultra feminine style, choose shorter cardigans with long or 3/4 sleeves with some detailing like on the picture.
Shoes in style of Blair
Blair is one of those girls who dares to wear colorful shoes, but always keeps the style very classical and is often seen wearing Mary Janes and feminine flats in style of these:

Shoes: Mary Janes, Pumps, Flats

A pair of classical Mary Janes is a must have in your wardrobe if you want to achieve the Blair Waldorf style. These shoes have been around for many, many years and they never go out of style! As I said earlier, Blair is not afraid of colour, so the colour of the shoe is all up to your imagination!

Get ready for winter Blair-style

Although she usually has a limo taking her to and from school, Blair wears winter coats just like the rest of us!
Winter Coat

Choose a coat in an unconventional shape and colour if you want to resemble Blair. She often sports the school girl style and the middle coat is perfect for that!

Coats: Red Coat, Green Coat, Gray Coat

The Hairband

Blair’s trademark is the hairband and she wears them a lot. Hairbands are not only fashionable on Gossip Girl, they’re very hot in the real world too!
Here are some pretty hairbands for inspiration! If you need even more inspiration check out the post about feather hairbands and find out how to stand out in the crowd with the right hair accessories.

Headbands: 1/2/3
Blair is definitely not afraid of wearing headbands in all colors, shapes and sizes and they do make her outfits very girly and fantastic, but we all know that Blair’s hottest accessory is Chuck Bass!
Chuck & Blair
Do you like Blair’s ladylike style?