Remember how satisfied you felt the last time you caught a glimpse of your reflection when your hair looked really good? You can double that feeling by sporting a perfectly coiffed beard to complement your face and hair.

A beard makes you look more rugged, more worldly, and more attractive, if that’s even possible, you handsome devil! That’s the main benefit of a growing a beard – it can boost your self-esteem through the roof. When you look your best, you feel your best, and a good-looking beard definitely helps you look your best. Here are some other great bearded men benefits:

Beards Keep You Healthy

Mother Nature gave men beards for a reason. Firstly, beards and mustaches trap allergens, pollen and other irritants before they reach your mouth and nose. Secondly, a beard keeps your skin’s own natural moisturizing oils intact, so you won’t have to worry about dry skin. Most importantly, a lush beard filters out those harmful UV rays from the sun that cause wrinkles and fine lines.

it’s been shown that the majority of women view a bearded man as more stable and more marriageable.

Ladies Like Beards

While it’s true that some women prefer clean-shaven men while others gravitate to guys with facial hair, it’s been shown that the majority of women view a bearded man as more stable and more marriageable. Noting that beards look equally attractive with suits or casual wear, GQ fashion director Madeleine Weeks calls them, “Whoa…sexy, they give you this handsome don’t mess with me appeal.” To make your beard irresistibly touchable, use the best beard care products available, including all-natural woodsy balms and Bourbon Beard Oil.

A beard is so much more than a trending facial accessory because it can also extend your life by preventing a host of bacterial infections that plague our clean-shaven brethren. A beard can also reduce the possibility of gum disease by keeping airborne bacteria out of your mouth. Shaving your face could also mean shaving years off your life. Live large, live natural, live long!