Is your home getting you down? Are you tired of coming back to the same old place? Does the décor that you used to love now leave you feeling uninspired, or did it never do much for you in the first place? Taking the time to liven up your home can make your life better. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and although it will involve some disruption, you may find that you have a lot of fun choosing and creating your home’s new look. Here are some simple ways of going about it.

Stripping it back

Over time, it’s easy for a home to become cluttered to the point where its original appeal is almost unrecognizable. Sort through your clutter – your ornaments, your accessories, those little bits and pieces that you saved because they might come in handy someday – and see what you really want to keep in view, what you can store and what you can dispose of. Do the same with wall decorations, rugs and pillows. You’ll reach a point where it’s much easier to appreciate the underlying structure of your rooms. You can then enjoy their simplified look or get a clearer perspective on how they can be reinvented.

One of the simplest ways to change the appearance of your home is to rethink your colour schemes

Changing your colors

Repaint or wallpaper the walls, choose new carpets or rugs, replace or re-cover your soft furniture or introduce color highlights with items such as lampshades, pillows and pictures. Do away with chaotic color mixes and take control by styling your room around two or three colors that really work together. This is a simple way to get rid of the drab look that you’ve grown tired of and literally brighten the place up.

Letting in the light

When redecorating, most people come to feel that what they really need is more space. Building a home extension may not be possible, but one thing that you can do is create the illusion of space by letting in more light from your windows. Get rid of bulky curtains and try shutter blinds instead so that the sunlight isn’t blocked off when they’re open. You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference this makes. Shutter blinds also provide effective control of the light, so you won’t find it dazzling or risk your rooms overheating on really sunny days.

Exploring texture

While most people are familiar with light and color, texture is an often-overlooked aspect of home design. Textural contrasts are a big trend in high-end interior décor this year; for instance, glossy, polished wooden floors are combined with rugged woolen rugs or lush velvet sofas. Think about the textures in your home – how attractive they are to the touch, how they interact with the light (absorbing or reflecting it) and how they work together. Simple things such as sanding, waxing, re-covering or re-papering can be quick ways to change your textural landscape.

Shifting your boundaries

People tend to think of their homes as discrete collections of rooms with fixed boundaries, but is there something that you can do to change that? Could knocking through a wall or building in a hatch or internal window give you a more open space and let light flow around your home more easily? Alternatively, could you use furniture to create new boundaries and niche areas within rooms – anything from a separate dining area at the end of the living room to a cozy reading nook? Taking a fluid approach to the layout of your home opens up a breadth of new possibilities.

Going bold

Sometimes, making changes such as the above isn’t enough, and you feel the need for a dramatic new approach that will really make a statement about who you are. The big, bold wallpaper designs available over the past few years are one way to achieve this, and designers are increasingly choosing to pair such wallpapers with patterned pieces of furniture for a strikingly unique look. Mixing and matching patterned accessories can have a similar effect, or you can choose a couple pieces of accent furniture that stand out in their own right. You can even go all out and purchase a piece of art with no function beyond setting the mood in your home.

Redecorating in this manner is a great way to reclaim a space that has become merely functional. It’s a way of infusing your own personality into your home and making that home into a place that you always look forward to returning to.