It is a common assumption that women are more fashion conscious than men. However, several pieces of research have debunked this belief by indicating that most men are more conscious of fashion than women; especially when it comes to individual dress sense.

Although men most often do not go overboard to showcase their interest in how they look; how they and others dress is often significant to them. The reason for this is that clothes play a huge role in how men see others.

This should not be surprising when we look at some facts that have been proven by science. They are:

  • It has been clearly demonstrated that what elite athletes wear in the build-up to an important match or sporting event has a measurable effect on the result.
  • Dress affects the opinion of interviewers on the ability of a person to function well when given a job.

Let’s track back before we lose the essence of this post; which is understanding the effects of your individual style on your prospects of dating. However, it is important that we take a quick look through history to see the evolution of clothing.

Clothing Evolution

Clothing has been around with us for as long as we can imagine. The concept of clothing came about for several reasons and one of them was staying warm. After a while, science discovered the concept of electricity and this concept made the essence of clothing to keep the body warm less important. Click this link for the best hookup apps.

As time went by, the essence of clothing evolved from keeping the body warm to exhibiting individual tastes and wealth. For example, research by an economist indicated that the dress hemlines of most women during times recession tend to fall. In another scenario, whenever the world is in a period of prosperity, these hemlines are often shorter and are likely to rise. This is a perfect reflection of how conservative people can be whenever there is lack or scarcity. On the other hand, it highlights how outspoken people can be in times of plenty.

The Differences between Women and Men When it comes to Impressing People with Their Dressing

The reason for wearing clothes changed when their purpose changed from being to keeping the body warm to being an expression of the taste, wealth and societal position of the wearer. People began to wear clothes in order to command attention by impressing people. However, studies indicated that there is a difference in how the male and female genders interpret dress.

According to studies, fashion is used in order to either reveal, exaggerate, or hide some physical properties of the body of a woman. Hence, women wear clothes to either tone down or reveal a part of their body so that they appear more attractive to men.

Conversely, fashion, for most men, is worn to display the security level that they are able to provide for the female gender. This reason (although subconscious) is most likely the reason why a lot of men love exotic watches and leather products. To them, it tells women that they are able to meet their needs.

In conclusion, your individual style is important to your prospect of dating because it communicates your taste, wealth, and status to the female gender. However, if you are a woman, it complements your physique to enhance how appealing you are to men.