Life is full of special moments; birthdays, weddings, births, job promotions and many other occasions that are events worth celebrating. How we do it is what makes the difference.

Flowers have always been linked to great events, sometimes there as a gift or as decoration, while other times they even form part of the show, such as the bride’s bouquet at weddings. 

These wonders of nature are always welcome as a gift; everyone likes them, but not all kinds of flowers can be used for all kinds of occasions. For example, you don’t give the same bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day as you give to patients in hospital as a Get Well Soon gift. We need to know how to choose appropriately according to the event and who the gift is for.

Jasmine flowers

As for the choice of flowers to give as Valentine’s Day gifts, the most frequent option is to use roses, normally red ones, although lilies, jasmine, tulips or orchids are also a good idea. If it’s a birthday, the type of flower to choose will depend on the relationship you have with that person, but again roses stand out, this time mixed with other types of flowers such as daisies, lilies or carnations. The colours to choose from will vary, but when the gift is for a friend (or future friend), it’s best to choose cheerful bouquets with oranges, yellows, pinks and purples. If the bouquet is for a loved one, red is the predominant colour.

It’s different when the gift is for someone in hospital: floral arrangements with yellow tones are usually favoured, and the most chosen flowers are roses, chrysanthemums, daisies and orchids. On the whole, it’s better to choose flowers without an overpowering scent and that release little pollen, to avoid allergies and other discomforts.

Now, thanks to the ease of online shopping, it’s much easier to find the right bouquet for each moment and for each person without having to fret over it or waste time.