Throwing a party that people are talking about months later whether it is coworkers or friends can be beneficial to your career and friendships. There is even a chance that you meet someone you are romantically interested at the party that you host. This does not mean just to invite everyone you have ever met as you have to be careful as inviting the wrong person could impact your career negatively. Being associated with people that act in certain ways can potentially label you unjustly. Thinking out the guest list is the first tasks then creating a theme if you’d like that would fit that guest list. The following are tips to throw the ultimate party that will potentially help you in nearly every facet of your life.

Allow Coworkers And Friends To Invite People You Do Not Know

Coworkers/friends bringing people that you do not know can be a great opportunity to meet new people. This can also be a way to find someone you are interested in romantically but do not make this the focus of the party. Leave the open invites to people that you trust to bring interesting and engaging guests. The new hire fresh out of the frat house in college might not be the best judge of the type of people to invite to this event although they might be a great attendee.

Dress To Impress As The Host

If you are having a costume party or even casual party make sure that you dress to impress. This could include a necklace like the ones here or a nice suit. People will be looking for you throughout the party so make sure they have something nice to look at. People showing up with you in a bathrobe looking unkempt is going to give a bad impression. Themed parties are often fun to dress up for so do not be shy as it is your party!

Invite Your Boss…..Even If You Know They Will Not Come

Inviting your boss can be a huge deal especially if they have a great time at your party with coworkers as well as your friends. Building this personal rapport not only can help communication in the office but can allow you to interact with your boss comfortably. Even if your boss is going to refuse the invite it is important to ask them when inviting other people in the office. You might find out that you and your boss have much more in common than you thought.

Invite Friends That You May Have Drifted Apart From

One unfortunate aspect of life is that some people simply drift apart for different reasons. This could be due to work schedules or something as simple as losing one another’s phone number. Most people have social media so invite those people that you used to be close with that you’d like to see again. This could end up being a nice surprise and rekindle a friendship that otherwise would have been considered dead. Do not invite people you ended a friendship with on bad terms as they could have ruining the party on their mind as revenge.

Make Sure People Do Not Drink Way Too Much

Getting a bartender can make it easy to cut off people at the party without confrontation. Watering down drinks or simply refusing to serve a person that has had too many should be the instructions of the bartenders. Nobody wants a coworker to have one too many and to ruin their career/embarrass themselves. People should also try to grab Ubers together if they live close to one another. This will reduce the need for large amounts of parking and will eliminate the chances of driving home after drinking.

Watering down drinks or simply refusing to serve a person that has had too many should be the instructions of the bartenders. Nobody wants a coworker to have one too many and to ruin their career/embarrass themselves.

Do Not Invite Those Friends That Are Sure To Get Out Of Control

If you have friends that get out of control at parties refrain from inviting them. This is far better than potentially fighting them to leave or asking them to leave due them getting too drunk. Many people have these friends but asking some of them to behave will be enough. Anyone that is your friend that knows that people from your job are at a party will know to behave. If they do not then they should be cut out of your life as your career is a large part of it.

Take the time to assess who should come to your party as well as when to throw the party is important. Doing this on a holiday weekend can reduce the guest list immensely as people go out of town. With this being said people that throw incredibly 4th of July parties seem to be tasked with this for years on end! Throw a party everyone will remember that will also benefit you!