I’ve always liked fashion and dressing up was never a hassel. I remember, when I would go shopping with my mom and we’d come home, I would try every single thing I bought on and style them in different ways. My mom would always smile and say ”How do you do it?”. She would pack her things away {if she bought anything at all} and not look at it until she needed to wear it.
For some women, shopping for clothes, styling outfits and getting ready is not as natural as for others. And that’s okay. Hopefully, this guide can inspire you a little, so next time you’re out shopping, it’ll be easier to find what you need to create a solid fall wardrobe.

Fall is all about deep colors, layering and accessorizing the outfits to make them more creative and fun. This is the best time of year to start collecting basics. When it comes to basics, I like to splurge. Why not invest in a great blazer that you will have for years to come? Or a great cardigan, that you can build lots of different outfits around. The same goes for jeans. This guide will take you through shopping for fall – step by step.

The shoes
Let me start by explaining the reasoning behind picking the four pairs of shoes that I picked out.
A pair of Converse is your best friend when you’re running out for coffee, picking up groceries, going for a walk and when you want to give your look a young and fresh feel.
A pair of black ballerina flats is a great way to make your everyday, casual look a little more polished. Even though they’re flat and simple, they’re black and elegant.
The wedges are for me the new heels. They’re much more comfortable, they’re trendy, they’re great for both night and day and they give you the same posture, that heels give you.
The beige boots are a great way of making the outfit a little more boho-chic, trendy and effortless!

The Basic T-Shirts


This guide includes three basic t-shirt. One white, one grey and one striped. Think of them as a canvas – the underlaying layer that you can build up around. Use colorful of printed scarves, or statement necklaces to make your outfit personal. The basic t-shirt s can be worn tucked in for a more feminine look and over the skirt or pants for a more relaxed look. I prefer them tucked in, so the waist is accentuated.


The Skirts
A leather skirt is maybe an unconventional choice, but it’s a modern classic. It will give you a sophisticated and elegant look, but will keep you looking young and trendy. As opposed to a classic pencil skirt, a leather one is edgier and more modern, making it perfect for parties and work related situations.


The Jeans

Having that perfect pair of jeans is essential in every woman’s wardrobe, no matter how young or old you are. I mostly wear black jeans {they’re great for both work and pleasure}, but a pair of blue jeans is a modern classic and great for a casual, but nice looks. I prefer skinny and slim fit, but if you’re more into a classic cut, take a look at how Jennifer Aniston wears her jeans.
The Blazer
In the last couple of years the blazer has become a part of the everyday attire. It is no longer reserved for business women and other professionals. Now, we see celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing blazers in order to make the outfit more put-together and mature. Blazers come in may different shapes and forms and here’s my guide on finding the right blazer.


The Blouse
A couple of nice, silk blouses is an easy way to glamour up a simple look. A pair of skinny jeans, a pair of wedges, a nice blouse, blazer and some jewelry and you’re ready for a nice evening out.

The Classic Bag
Bags have always been my main addiction when it comes to fashion. A brown leather bag that’s big enough to store everything you might need, is perfect for fall. The same goes for a black handbag. The brown bag is more boho-chic, while a black bag is more glamorous.

The Details

To me, details are the ones making the outfit special. Add different and fun belts to your wardrobe, that can spice up a plain cardigan og synch your waist in a fun way. Bags and shoes are also a great way of taking an outfit from plain to special in no time! Scarves are also a great way to layer outfits and make them very fall-like. Add a splash of color or print, with some cute scarves and you’re ready to go.

Black belt/Leopard belt/Brown belt
I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope it has inspired you to build a basic fall wardrobe! You don’t need much and the things you need are all basic and classic things that will staying your wardrobe for seasons and years to come!