One of my favorite summer activities is catching a movie at an open air cinema or attending an open air concert. It’s fun, relaxing and you get to enjoy yourself outdoors with some friends and at the same time watch a movie or see a band! These things usually start in the afternoon and end late in the evening, so deciding what to wear all depends on the time and the occasion!

Here’s what you could wear to one of these events:

The Casual

You’re going to catch ’500 Days Of Summer’ with a group of friends. You are all excited for this after a long day at work, organizing your closet, playing around at the beach…


Even though it’s summer, evenings can be pretty chilly! In order to be able to relax and be comfortable bring a soft cardigan along! Just in case!

The Trendy

There is a mini festival in town – Three bands are playing and you can’t wait to experience some rock n’ roll in the middle of the summer. You’ve been home all day – it’s not the best day for the beach – it’s hot but not that hot, and you’re excited to wear your new denim shirt!


Combine two hot 2010 trends and be the trendiest at the open air event – denim and floral print! These two combined give just the right look for a concert this summer!

The Glamorous

That cute guy you’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks called you up and asked if you wanted to catch a glimpse of your favorite band playing outdoors before grabbing a drink… You would love to! So, you go for the comfortable, but dressed-up look and head on to meet him!

It’s the perfect occasion to wear this casual glam look in style of Sienna Miller or Nicole Richie!

How about you?

Anything special you like to do during summer?