Everyone has an opinion about this lady. To me, she really is a great fashionista and even if you don’t like what she’s wearing and how, there is a lot we can learn from Victoria Beckham’s way of dressing. Here are some pointers:

  1. She always looks confident
  2. She is very feminine and stylish
  3. She looks on top of things and powerful

All of these are great personality traits, and Victoria Beckham portrays these through her style. She is a mom of three, a fashion designer, ex-Spice Girl superstar and the wife of one of world’s most handsome men and best footballers. Looking feminine and sophisticated is her trademark and we mostly see her in feminine items like skirts and dresses, rather than pants. To achieve that focus on these particular items:

  • Dresses – Victoria loves short dresses
  • Skirts – Pencil skirts are often seen on Victoria
  • Skinny jeans – When it comes to pants, Victoria prefers skinny jeans
  • Oversized handbags – Birkin-style, luxury goods are often hanging on Victoria’s arm

The Colors

Victoria’s style is very classic and consists of many timeless pieces. If you want to dress like Victoria Beckham you should focus on:

  • Minimalism and simplicity

Victoria mostly wears black and grey. But occasionally she wears colors like green, yellow, blue, red, purple and even pink. When she does that, that’s the only color she wears and often matches the color of her dress with the shoes. She rarely mixes colors in unconventional ways, which makes her look very polished. To get this look, you should:

  • Let black and grey dominate your wardrobe
  • Break the coldness of black and grey with accessories in gold
  • When it comes to mixing colors think less is more
  • Match your shoes with the rest of your outfit

The Fit

When it comes to the fit and shape of her outfits, Victoria likes to keep it tight. Very tight. She loves to show of her super skinny arms and legs and is doing so by wearing a lot of tight dresses, pencil skirts and is very often sleeveless.

She looks very lady-like and posh in her tight, knee high skirts and dresses, big sunglasses and small cardigans and jackets. If you want to achieve this posh look, choose:

  • Pencil-skirts in grey and black
  • Tight dresses that go to your knees
  • Cardigans
  • Small jackets
  • Big belts to accentuate your waistline
  • Tuck blouses into your pants/skirts

Heels vs Flats

For as long as I’ve know of her, she’s been wearing heels. She has often said that she hated flats and loved heels, and we rarely saw her in flat shoes. But all of a sudden Victoria has been seen wearing flats – lots of flats! What’s up with that? Anyhow, even when wearing flats, Victoria looks very feminine and sophisticated and the secret is in her posture. She wears flats as if they were heels! Don’t slouch and you’ll automatically look more confident!

I must admit, I like her better in heels, but maybe it’s just because I myself prefer heels over flats. She’s more posh in heels!

Casual Victoria

Victoria is never really casual! Well, I think I’ve seen one picture of her in her sweats, but that’s as rare as a volcano possibly stopping my trip to NYC this week (!). When she’s casual, she’s chic, she’s modern, she’s sexy and she’s feminine.

I like how she matches casual pants and a blazer with something so feminine as super high heels and lots of jewelry to soften the look. She is also very good at layering which gives her just that; a little more causal feel going to the airport or shopping!

Steal Victoria’s Look

Victoria wears very expensive outfits and looks amazing no matter where she’s off to. Here’s a casual Victoria Beckham look you can steal for less