Color-blocking trend has been lingering around for a while now. From last year’s spring up to this year’s spring and summer, fashion designers have given color-blocking only new interpretations – cheerful color-blocking, pastels, surprising color-blocked combo’s and many more.

Another way to take advantage of this trend is by wearing already-color-blocked pieces such as shoes, bags, accessories, and separates.

Many fashionistas would love to wear the trend to work but in a professional and respectable way. So if you’re one of those over-achieving chicks who want to wear color-blocking to the office but isn’t quite sure how, check out these inspirations below.

Colorblocked Shoes for Work

There are many city chic colorblocked sandals that are both elegant and professional looking available in the market nowadays. Choose your perfect pair of colorblock heels and dress it up. In this look, I took one color somewhere from the shoe for the top and one bright color for the bag. The black pencil skirt tones down the colors. For a more powerful look, add a black blazer, otherwise, a colored-sleeved top will suffice.

Colorblocked Top for a Casual Friday at Work

If your office gives casual Fridays, a colorb-locked top is a great option. Opt for a black and white two-toned top to go with your pair of trusted black trousers for a clean look, then finish with statement ankle boots. If you’d love to add color to your outfit, carry a gorgeous bold satchel. But in case your top is a bright color-block, swap the colored bag for a black to avoid an over-the-top colorful look.

Have you ever thought of wearing color-blocked dress to work? Too trendy? I guess you’ve barely ever considered it. But the key here is the style and color combination. Make sure that the dress is cut professionally and look for at most three colors color-blocking in NOT shocking shades. Remember, you´re wearing this to work and you don’t want to look too trendy.

Because the dress is already a statement, you only need less accessory such as a pair of black peep-toe shoes and a black bag.

Your say…

Would you wear color-blocking to work? Which of the above looks inspire you to wear color-blocking trend to the office this summer?