It’s nearly that time of year here in the Midwest when we start to think about the summer. For some of you the nice weather is already here, either way the sun brings us all together. The great thing about holding a party outside is there is not as many limitations as there indoors.

Another advantage is that what would be a simple party in building can be an “x factor”party simply by having it in a stunning location and creating  a unique theme with decorations.

​If you’re only planning a bbq for the SuperBowl for  a couple of your closest friends you don’t have to worry much about organization. However if you want an event that no one will forget and it’s a big occasion then you probably should plan, here are some of the considerations you should have:


The weather for the day is highly important and should be considered right up to the last minute where possible. A change in climate can really affect your plans for outdoors and no one likes to be outside if its raining. Most people do accept these circumstances but we would advise you to be as prepared as you can be.

Theme and Decor

If your party wants to look and feel unique then vintage party rentals are a great option. Whilst the weather is important we advise that a party tent is a must and should be used, not only for bad weather but for the evening when the day cools and people want to be “indoors”. There are many different options to consider and themes to think about but benches and tables are a must. We highly recommend farmhouse table rentals as a great option for most parties and vintage bench rentals for your guests.

Plan ahead, get your ideas and key theme organized and you’re bound to make it a success.

Outdoor Party Lighting

The more outdoor parties we have planned the better we become and this is something that we didn’t think about the first time around. Most parties extend way beyond the time set and often go late into the night, with this it is essential to get outdoor lighting. This can be the difference with people being able to see and not therefore adding to the experience.  Hanging strings of LED lights with them draping down the walls for more brightness is a great way to overcome this.