A Quinceañera is the celebration of a 15th birthday. It is an extremely important event for a young woman and her family. The Quinceañera ceremony is meant to remind a girl of her religious responsibilities and the role she will play to her family and her community as a young woman. These celebrations typically start with a special mass held at a local church, followed by prayers, worship, dinner, and dancing later in the evening.

Quinceañera Dress Style

Formal attire is extremely important, as this celebration signifies saying goodbye to the fashion you wore as a little girl and hello to the elegant clothing of womanhood. Typically, Quinceañera dresses are a ballgown style. The neckline should be modest, with respect to the religious roots of the celebration.

Quinceañera dresses are traditionally the shape of a ballgown, but the materials vary.

Quinceañera dresses are traditionally the shape of a ballgown, but the materials vary. Tulle Quinceañera dresses provide you with a timeless princess look. If you’re looking for something a bit different, look for Quinceañera dresses with a lace or silk overlay. Organza is another material used to make Quinceañera dresses. This fabric offers more structure and shimmer than tulle, giving the dress a fuller, otherworldly feel. Stain, taffeta, and chiffon are other materials you can have a Quinceañera dress made out of. It really comes down to your personal preference!

Quinceañera Dress Color

In decades past, Quinceañera dresses were white. This color universally represents purity and was worn to help distinguish the guest of honor, from everyone else in attendance. Other conventional colors for Quinceañera dresses include pastel shades of pink, blue, and yellow.

In more recent years, Quinceañera dresses can be found in every color under the sun. When choosing a color for your dress, it really comes down to the colors you feel confident in. Is your style more traditional or are you looking to surprise your guests? These are some of the most popular color options for Quinceañera dresses:

Red, while a bolder choice than white, is one of the most classic and sophisticated color choices for a Quinceañera. This color is for the girl who isn’t afraid to be the center of attention. Red dresses can be accented with black, gold, or silver embellishments and accessories.

Blue is another popular dress color because of it’s ties to peacefulness and calm. Blue Quinceañera dresses look stunning with metallic accents or when used to create a color blocked look.

Green Quinceañera dresses are symbolic of balance, growth, and security, making this color the perfect fit for the celebration of a young woman coming-of-age.

Pink is another popular color for Quinceañera dresses. If you’re looking for a super trendy dress, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral. Look for a pink ballgown that shimmers with golden undertones to really capture this year’s hottest hue.

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