This summer we plan on visiting Venice and the island of Sicily for the first time and whilst we have been to Italy previously we are excited to see the city in water and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea respectively.
Whilst we don’t normally research the place we travel to first, we decided to look at Venice and Sicily and it’s top tourist attractions.

Why Sicily

We have both wanted to travel to Sicily for several years with it being the first multicultural society, having been ruled by Asians, Africans and Europeans.The island is a unique place full of art, archaeology, history, folklore and breathtaking scenery as well as having of course, great food.
We are particularly looking forward to visiting the Catacombe dei Cappucini of Palermo, swimming at the Mondello Beach, and exploring the markets in Catania. Other recommendations include the old town Ortygia in Syracusa and the famous volcano Mount Etna.  We are looking for villas to rent in Sicily and hope to complete the reservation before we travel.

This part of the trip we will be mainly backpacking with no real plan and following our travel instinct.

Why Venice is So Special

Grand Canal – Gondola Tour

This is what Venice is famous for, have a trip through the city’s floating roadway on the gondola. We have seen them before in Las Vegas but nothing will beat this experience. From research the best time to do this trip is for sunrise when the sun creates a special moment.


This is the only square in the city and is close to all the amazing attractions that we have been recommended. St Mark’s square as it is refereed to in English offers a great experience in Venetian history. The restaurants and cafes in this area are expensive so we will probably avoid eating here.


There are 4 unique and spectacular bridges that connect the Grand Canal. Made of stone this is a prime architectural portraits of Venice.

The Campanile is one of Venice’s most significant monuments.



Located in St. Mark’s Square, this 30-story Campanile and the colossal basilica behind it are two of the most beloved attractions for tourists in Venice. It has been rebuilt and adorned extensively over the years. San Marco Basilica exclusively serves as a display for the prosperity that Venice compiled as a military power.

An update to our trip, we have just managed to get our villa for Sicily with a wonderful pool that we are so excited to see.

If you have any tips for us for our travel to Italy then we would love to hear from you. We plan on being in Italy for two weeks before traveling to Greece for my best friend’s wedding in Skiathos.