We love podcasts and we certainly recommend Overcast as an app to use on your iWatch. The great feature it has different than a standard app is the Smart Speed, yes you can speed how fast the podcast is played. Sure you need to be able to understand it but this app does a great job at making it clear.

Overcast is free, or $9.99/£8.99/AU$12.99 without the advertisements.


We have this app on our macbook so there is no surprises why we love this app. If you have ever been hacked or been a victim of online crime then you will know the pain suffered. This is the best password manager on the market and is being constantly updated with new features. Having this app on your watch will enable you to quickly access passwords that you often forget.

There is a monthly subscription for the app but it is well worth it.

Microsoft Translator

This is must app for anyone that travels. The Microsoft app allows you to speak  into the watch and see the resulting language translation. The app also saves the results for easy access for the future. The app also allows for real time translation when you message people and can even handle some of the most complex languages and characters.
Other features include translating images and allowing for a split screen so you can both see the respective translations.

CARROT Weather

The carrot app costs £3.99 and is a great choice for those wanting an app with personality. It has radar and satellite weather maps, a time machine with up to 70 years of historical weather data to look at, and forecasts for right now, the next 24 hours and the next 7 days.


Another app we have both on our phone and watch is this one. This app works great on both and uses the screen to display the most important information. The icons allows for easy access to the features we are used to.
All the features we are used to with yelp are included in the ap sorted by distance, with the all-important star ratings and average cost listed on top of a photograph.
This is also great for travel and visitors to big cities.