Whether you are a fitness buff or starting a new workout routine, you want to have the right gear to keep yourself comfortable while pushing to meet your fitness goals. Fitness attire is growing in popularity and new technology is being used to create comfortable and beneficial items.

It is amazing what good quality workout clothes can do for you, and this is an excellent time to build your workout wardrobe.

Check out the following for some tips on what to look for in the latest fitness gear and why it is worth the investment.

Famous attire

Fitness wear has sky-rocketed in popularity recently. Celebrities have worn comfortable and casual workout attire in public for years, but it wasn’t until recently that we paid this much attention to their comfy threads.

Several top celebrities have further propelled fitness wear by starting the own unique line of fitness clothing, often with an empowering ideology. Celebrity fitness lines express creativity and individuality, without an emphasis on overly girly styles or ultra slim figures.

General fitness attire tips

Fitted workout clothes are important because they help you and your trainer see that you are performing exercises properly and without injury. Remember that baggy clothes can hinder your workout, and uncomfortable fashionable clothes can never substitute for functional workout attire.

Wear the right sneakers for different activities. Running shoes are made to take the impact of running, but are not intended for weight training and other exercises. Leave it to the experts to tell you what is right for your workout.

Strike a yoga pose

Yoga pants are synonymous with comfort, and they make for an easy and flexible lounge outfit. This is part of why yoga pants are so well loved.

While these are great for wearing around the house, they are designed for exercise. This style is form-fitting but very flexible, which allows for easy movement. That is why yoga pants are suitable for exercises that require movement and flexibility, such as yoga, aerobics and dance.

Running gear

Thermal workout gear is essential for year-round runners. It can be tough to get out of bed for a morning run when the winter wind is howling and it is cold outdoors, but with the right mindset and gear to keep you warm, you can stick with it.

Warm up your body first and dress in layers for the best running experience. If you have to stop at a crosswalk, remember to jog in place to keep your blood circulating.

Indoor sports

Picking up a new sport can keep you active and promote socializing. Join a team that plays regularly at an indoor facility. Whether basketball, volleyball, dance, martial arts or any other sport happens to be your passion, you can stay in shape without spending much time outdoors.

Remember to dress in layers that keep you warm outdoors, with the option of a lighter outfit underneath to wear once you begin to sweat indoors. It is well worth the money to invest in a tracksuit for wearing over shorts and a short-sleeved top.

Working out after injuries

No matter what sport or fitness activity you practice, if you become injured it can take you out of your routine until you recover. Luckily, there is fitness gear that can help ease the pain and promote healing after an injury.

Once you have approval from your doctor to gently exercise again, make sure that you have the right gear to protect your body. You and your doctor will know what part of your body needs extra help.

Copper and zinc-encapsulated compression materials help with recovery and provide pain relief. You will find that original Tommy Copper is an excellent brand, with compression shorts that have pain relief properties as well as moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties.


Stay engaged with a fitness app or wearable fitness tracker to monitor your activity and progress. Tracking calories burned can help you stay motivated to complete your workout and keep coming back.

Be prepared for going to the gym with a good duffel bag. Look for one with ventilation and enough space for your clothes and shoes. Stay hydrated with a flip-top water bottle. Comfortable and supportive socks and bras for women are also essential when working out.

Workout attire has never looked so good or been as fashionable. New technology incorporated in new fitness clothing is getting attention not only for looking great, but also due to its functionality, comfort and healing factors. Hopefully with the right fitness gear, you will reap the benefits of an excellent workout and better health.