prom dressesProm dress styles are ever-changing and evolving every year. If you consider yourself a fashionista and want to be up-to-the-minute on next season’s styles, discover what looks will be at every prom next year with these hand-picked fashion trends from prom dress expert Daphne Hardin.

  • Illusion Prom Dresses. These dresses feature a captivating see-through neckline or bodice made of a sheer mesh material, and are usually adorned with dazzling embellishments and bold cutouts to create a stunning look. This style has been prominent for the last few years on runways around the world, and it continues to trend for 2018.
  • Off The Shoulder Prom Dresses. Maybe you are interested in a design with sleeves for prom, but aren’t ready to make the commitment to ones that are long or even cap length. These styles feature a bit of classic flair with their delicate tiny sleeves and unique silhouette. Off the shoulder prom dresses feature an exceptional neckline that helps show off a modest amount of skin.
  • Short Prom Dresses. You are looking for something that’s on the fun and flirty side; short prom dresses are perfect for you. These styles ditch the traditional long hemline and opt for a more laid-back length. Short prom dresses have just as much personality as the classic long ones, without all of the skirt.
  • High Neck Prom Dresses. If you are looking for a style that will show off your regal persona, try going for a high neck prom dress. These designs are polished and refined and turn heads with their embellished necklines.
  • Mermaid Prom Dresses. This silhouette is always a fool-proof option for making an alluring entrance. Mermaid dresses feature a tight figure-flattering shape throughout the body that flares out towards the bottom of the hemline.
  • Two Piece Prom Dresses. These midriff-baring styles are audacious and sexy, but also feature options on the modest side as well. Two piece prom dresses get rid of the conventional one piece silhouette and offer a look that’s distinct and unique.

Follow these styles to make sure that you are trendiest girl at prom.