Marijuana plants have two sexes, male and female. If you are planning to grow your own it is advisable to go for feminized marijuana seeds. They give better yields and produce the cannabinoids which give marijuana its effect.

Understanding the Marijuana Plant

When a marijuana plant begins to grow the sex of the plant is not clear in most species. It only begins to become detectable when the plant begins to flower. This means that when you grow a plant from natural seeds you could be putting your time and effort into a plant that will not yield the right cannabis.

If you are growing to harvest the whole process could be a complete waste of time and you won’t notice until sometime into your project.

When feminization is performed on a cannabis plant it is to deliver high yielding female seeds. The conditioning applies the male pollen to produce a plant with XX chromosomes. I.e. two female chromosomes. This gives you a 99% chance that the seeds will be female and subsequently high yield and useable marijuana.

When feminization is performed on a cannabis plant it is to deliver high yielding female seeds

Cannabis seeds that do not go through the feminization process tend to give a 50/50 split between male and female seeds.

Looking After your Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis plants can be grown indoors or outdoors depending on the climate of where they are grown. There are strength and weaknesses to each but arguably you can better control the conditions inside than outside although you will need specialist equipment to do so.

Once you have planted your seeds it is important to use marijuana friendly fertilizer. This is specially formulated for cannabis plants and you will see better results and grow a healthier plant.

Growing marijuana plants is a very rewarding hobby and the yields can be used for what you wish. Ensure you get the right strain of plant to give you the precise marijuana you want.