Lily Prince

Everyone wants a nice, beautiful white smile, but it can be so hard to achieve, especially for those coffee and wine connoisseurs. Many decide professional ~expensive~ dental treatments are the way to go to get pearly whites but the pain and sensitivity that go along with it just can’t be worth it. Otherwise there are at home methods like white strips, toothpastes, charcoal, and the like but these methods don’t always work, especially for those deep, tough stains. While these are the cheaper options, there’s another at-home whitening system that is proven to work wonders and rival the whitening results from the dentist. That system is Snow’s teeth whitening kit.

Snow is an oral care company based in Scottsdale, AZ that is dedicated to bringing its customers a professional whitening experience anytime anywhere with no harmful chemicals. Snow ships their system worldwide with no shipping charge on domestic orders.

Not just a teeth whitening company, Snow offers a complete Oral Care Routine on their site as well that includes an activated charcoal floss, a sugar exfoliating lip scrub, an anti-aging lip balm, and their whitening kit.

The activated charcoal floss is a great step to enhance cleaning and absorb plaque and bacteria before whitening your teeth. Then, give your lips a little well-deserved attention with their lavender mint sugar lip scrub followed by a soothing, nourishing anti-aging lip treatment. The applicator that comes with the lip exfoliator doubles as an under-eye roller to reduce any puffiness or bags. Both lip products are filled with beneficial ingredients like oils and antioxidants to improve the condition of lips and protect from harmful environmental stressors.

After the lip treatment comes whitening with the state-of-the-art whitening kit which consists of a revolutionary formula and an LED light mouthpiece. The kit makes it super easy to get the whitening results you’ve always wanted, as it plugs into your device so you can take it anywhere and it only takes ten minutes! Snow has also come out with a newer version of their kit that allows users to whiten wirelessly and use the red-light therapy setting for a gum treatment. The new device charges and sanitizes itself when not in use so you can use it perfectly for your next session. Snow’s new kit makes it even easier to whiten whenever and wherever you want and tailors itself to your whitening preferences.

Most customers start to see results within three uses, but results can vary. You can use snow for ten to thirty minutes every day for up to a month with no sensitivity! For best results, Snow recommends consistent use for 21 days in 15-30 minute sessions or until you have reached your desired shade.

Snow’s whitening kit has raving reviews from customers and is even recommended by dentists. The formula was created with doctors so that it will provide the best results safely. Even those who were skeptical of this system have tried Snow’s kit and absolutely been blown away by the results. For more reviews and information on the product, go to Snow’s website and see how much everyone is loving their teeth whitening system and oral care routine. Then, pick it up for yourself to try; you won’t be disappointed.